Here we go!

Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in street

So every once in awhile I take my camera along with me for the whole day and I point it at various things. So long as I remembered my battery and memory card, I record some shots along the way. Every time I do this I say to myself ‘Mike, why don’t you do this more frequently, Morgantown is beautiful, in it’s own way, and you should record it’ Surprised by how thorough my conscious can sometimes be, I decided to carry my camera more often and -surprise- blog it.

So, welcome to my little blog. If you don’t know much about me – I’m a nerd. I go to grad school at WVU hoping to graduate with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry sometime around the year 2048. I have a lovely wife who shares my photo hobby with me and a little apartment in Morgantown WV. and also a blue mazda.

So in this first post, you’ll find my first little experiment with taking my camera to work/school/lab/whatever. I had a great time wandering around with my camera and took a large number of horrible photos. Not those horrible photos that look a lot better after you photoshop them, but just really not good pictures. It was fun! I usually point my camera at things on purpose – had some reason for the shot, and am not typically surprised by the result. But this week I just kinda clicked at things on my predictably mundane trip to work and back. ¬†Out of the dozens of nonsense shots, though, I did come out with a few I really liked – not because they are particularly exceptional photos, but they achieved my goal of adding photography to my day-to-day life. woot.

So – here we go :-)


If you’re not familiar with the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit System, affectionately known as the PRT, you must understand that it is one of the things that sets Morgantown apart from other *ahem* cities. You see, sometime in the 60s, they built it as a public transportation experiment to be one day implemented on a larger scale if it was successful. If you’ve visited any other American city in your life, you would know that it wasn’t. However, it is still a glorious combination of electric power and small carts. This is a photo of my trip to work, riding the PRT.


Oh No! I’m falling down the stairs!

I’m not, actually.


I thought it was kinda neat how the light was pretty much only on the trees.


This is our exceedingly brilliant NMR guy – I found him on his way to Sozo for some coffee.

So that is it for my first post.