a little greyscale

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A Fall Wedding

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We recently photographed a wedding just north of the Cape at the Overbrook House – a big ol’ house nestled in the trees.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The rustic setting coupled with a short drive to the beach and perfect weather made this wedding absolutely wonderful.

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sunrise in boston

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Peaceful boats in the harbor.


peaceful morning-1 peaceful morning-3



from the bridge

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Fisherman’s Feast

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When you want a festival to be huge and contain a tremendous amount of food, best leave it to the Italians. The Fisherman’s Feast, celebrated in the North End in August every year, is a notable example of a true Italian festival. Just over 100 years old, the tradition involves 1: food 2: parades 3: children shouting at each other in Italian from balconies 4: further destruction of Hanover St. traffic flow and 5: more food.


Emily and I walked from Brookline to the North End to catch the festival right about when the main events start. We arrived when cops began diverting traffic. This was quickly followed up by some brass marching bands and a carriage containing a statue of Madonna Del Soccorso (long story, read here), draped in donation money taped to ribbons. Thankfully, we caught the end of its 10-hour tour where it culminates in a very confusing discourse between two young girls on opposite balconies, dressed as angels, shouting at each other, in Italian, while smiling, and a third who is hoisted into the air with an apparently trustworthy pulley system to visit the carriage. She then soars back. Confetti happens everywhere and suddenly everyone is celebrating. Pfoo. Next time, I’ll bring someone who speaks Italian.


The 1st few photos are of our walk to the North end. Followed by festivities.


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a few at night

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I’ve been trying to carry the mirrorless around more lately. It’s hard to get used to taking pictures at night on something other than a monster camera, but it can be done! Sony NEX-6 / 30mm f2.8 – all shot wide open except for the long exposure ones.







leading lines

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Ah good ol’ leading lines – an early assignment in virtually any introduction to photography course. Train tracks and guitar strings are the typical examples, but the idea is to find lines that converge on some horizon. Pretty simple. In street photography, leading lines are everywhere. Sometimes they’re your friend, sometimes they’re your enemy. In most cases I find myself struggling to avoid them. On this little trip around harbor side, though, I gave up and embraced them.



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So, the Cuccareses are now in the latter half of their 20’s, and a lot of people have been on pins and needles. I’m going to announce here on our blog, the newest entry to our family, a Sigma 35mm f1.4.


Ok. Had to be done. Anyway, indeed the newest member to our camera family is a prime lens for what is one of my favorite focal lengths, 35mm. It’s wide enough to take a picture of a cityscape or a friend across the table, but not so wide that a lot of distortion sets in. The super-wide aperture is an added plus since we do a lot of photography in low light and a wide-angle shot with a shallow depth of field is particularly pleasing in my opinion. We’ve given the lens a little bit of exercise in the last couple days – here’s some of my favorites. (bike picture; photocred: emily)


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The 4th at 400 °F

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The 4th of July is a really exciting time here in Boston and the cool thing for taking photos is that it appears to occur annually. This year, the weather decided to hang out in the 90’s for pretty much the entire day – perfect for spending the day huddled around the creaky window A/C unit. If the flippin’ A/C wasn’t broken in the lab, I would have considered just spending the day at work. But, despite my distain for sweltering heat, there was fun to be had out in the city and we had some friends willing to endure a day of Boston on the surface of the sun.

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^ The USS constitution was open for exploration – no need to follow along on a tour.


^ We cooled off and got some food and beer in the government center/haymarket area.

widebig-2talls 1-1

^ Boston’s holocaust memorial and courthouse.

talls 1-4widebig-4talls 1-3

^ some wanderings.

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^ And, of course, fireworks. I was particularly jealous of the folks up on their balconies that got to watch the show. Though, with rent prices for apartments directly on the Charles, I think it would be cheaper to live one street deeper and buy your own fireworks show. Police and millitary presence was pretty high and folks still seem a little shaken up in crowds. Fireworks exploding over the army guys seemed a little eerie.

bright moon on the beach

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