summer loving

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I figure now is as good a time as any to share a few photos from our 2013 beach vacation.  Since this time last year we’ve added 2 new babies and my brother added a future wife to the mix.





















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ah that evening light

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We’re on 500px

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Check out our 500px pages – full of completely personal photography work :D We may or may not be having a bit of an internal competition to see who gets more traffic from the 500px community…





enchanted tree

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if you haven’t gotten the drift – I really like snow.

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It never ceases to amaze me how much a fresh blanket of the white stuff can change the daily commute. I started the day off riding the train to work with Emily and the rest is just random commute pics.


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…12 months of blogging….

Blog Photos-01

Blog Photos-03

2013 was a whirlwind year.  We were busy, we were sick, we vacationed, We survived 2+feet of snow and learned where all the best sledding hills are in Brookline. We made new friends, grew close to old friends, and we met and photographed some of the most amazing people.  

Blog Photos-02 

As January and February rolls through, I’m hoping to take an opportunity to highlight some of the great brides, grooms, families, babies, kiddos and streets we captured this year, and we haven’t been able to blog. Here is just a sampling of a few of our favorites we’ll be highlighting.  This year Cuccarese Photography…

:: Met some great kiddos, welcomed some new ones into the world, and got to see some continue to grow.

Blog Photos-04cpblog7-1Blog Photos-05blog potos-1Blog Photos-06


:: Had many fabulous portrait sessions




:: Photographed some awesome seniors

Joshblog potos-2


:: We met some amazing teens on their big Bar/Bat Mitzvah day! 

blog potos-4blog potos-3potos-1


:: Food!  Yes, we photographed food. In our defense, it was for a local business :)



:: Did some work for some small businesses/projects in the area 



:: Met some amazing brides and grooms



:: Attended weddings in the most unique places… on a boat, downtown Boston, by the harbor in Plymouth, on a plantation, in historical synagogues, on the cape, in the woods, on the beach, in a church that looks like a log cabin, just to name a few…  So many beautiful couples we were able to share such sweet moments.



:: Emily went back to school in a documentary photography class, and we BOTH fell in love with photographing the streets.

cpblog-1fish guycpblog-2cpblog-3cpblog-4cpblog-5cpblog-6Fisherman's feast


:: Emily got to incorporate some photography into work: 


:: Started in a few personal photo projects 




In our personal lives we’ve been busy with our day jobs, attending some amazing weddings, experimenting with some personal photo projects. We enjoyed an epic year of sledding and snow! There was so much snow in 2013!  

2014 is going to be a year of great change as Mike moves forward in his career as a mad scientist (graduation in May!) and we welcome our first mini Cuccarese (arrival planned for May 2014 :D)

man vs. snow

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My dad, illuminated by the cool glow of his iPad.



snow today

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We’re starting to get the first noreaster of the year!! Yay!!!

These photos highlight how people got from point A to point B today.

NE-1T-1 NE-2 NE-3 NE-4 NE-5 NE-6 NE2-1 NE2-2 NE2-3 NE2-4 NE2-5 NE2-6M